Warriors of the Dawn, The Complete Prehistoric Works of Sir Charles G. D. Roberts


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The stories included in the collection of Sir Charles G. D. Roberts marks the first appearance of his complete prehistory series—the overlords of earth section (the Gort stories) having been overlooked for over 100 years. In addition to this complete prehistoric works of Sir Charles G. D. Roberts, you might be interested in reading our earlier anthologies of stories related to prehistory. In 2013, the first volume, Apemen! Classic Tales of Anthropoids (edited by T. M. Gray and Charles G. Waugh, with Afterward by Jon Schlenker) presented eleven short stories of humanoids’ past. The stories were highlighted by great writers such as Peter B. McCord, George Sterling, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jack London, Arthur Conan Doyle, and H. G. Wells—all important pioneers in pre (and post) historic fiction.  The second volume, Cavemen, appeared in 2021. This companion book was edited by Jon A. Schlenker, Jeffrey A. Linscott, and Charles G. Waugh, and includes 25 stories regarding cavemen: four independent stories and twenty-one contained in three series of stories. Combined, the stories portray a variety of views and descriptions of the life and times of cavemen. And the third anthology, Apeman! (2021), edited by T. M. Gray, Jon A. Schlenker, and Charles G. Waugh, contains eleven classic Apemen stories written by great authors, including Sir Charles G. D. Roberts, C. H. Robinson, Lt. Col. Gordon Casserly, Jack London, H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and other pioneers in the genre. All three of these volumes are available through Sam Teddy Publishing. This book is 6×9″, perfect bound binding, 308 total pages, ISBN: 9781943022885