Viking Tales


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A reprint of the 1902 edition, this book was brought about from her teaching at the new (1901) Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, Ill. It was, therefore, written for the young reader, and is very informative regarding the sagas (tales) of specific vikings and their voyages around the north sea, and eventually to Iceland, Greenland and Wineland (North America, specifically Canada and to what is today New York). Readers of young and old will enjoy these stories.
Come and visit me. You shall not go away empty-handed. Men say that the sweetest songs are in Iceland. I wish to hear them.”
These tales were not written. Few men wrote or read in those days. Skalds learned songs from hearing them sung. At last people began to write more easily. Then they said:
These stories are very precious. We must write them down to save them from being forgotten.”