Up From the Depths


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Since unknowns are scary, it is not surprising seas and oceans provide abundant fodder for speculation and legend. Remember the Sargasso Sea tales you have heard about (one is in this book). Then there is the Flying Dutchman. (He pops up in Haunting Sea Stories, our forthcoming companion volume.) And the biggest, and oldest, aquatic legend of them all, the sea-serpent, appears twice. So why are sea-serpents so popular? There are probably many explanations. Four possibilities are: frequent apparent sightings have been reported, some sort of aquatic dinosaur may possibly have survived, smaller sea snakes are common, and humans have developed a hypersensitivity to snakes. So please join us with these 16 short stories that might just change your mind about going on the cruise you’ve always wanted to go on! 6×9″, perfect bound binding, 336 total pages, ISBN: 9781943022175