The Rivals of Moby Dick


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This anthology of whaling stories is made up of two parts: Moby Dick (the Book, the Influences, the Author, and The Rewrite) and The Rivals of Moby Dick (consisting of ten of the stories in this book).

Part 1 includes Archibald MacMechan’s The Best Story Ever Written, J. N. Reynolds’ ‘Mocha Dick’ of the Pacific, William Comstock’s The Whale’s Revenge (the sinking of the whaling ship Essex), J. E. A. Smith’s Herman Melville (a contemporary obituary of Herman Melville, edited by Dr. Charles G. Waugh), and Arthur Mallory’s The Black Quag.

Part 2 includes stories by authors Ben Ames Williams, Frederick William Wallace, J. S. Sleeper, F. St. Fars, Dr. Theodore P. Cleveland, William Hussey Macy (There She Blows!, or, the Log of the Arethusa, believed by many, next to Moby Dick, to be the best whaling novel ever written), T. Jenkins Gains, George H. Coomer, Frank T. Bullen, and J. J. Bell.

All told this is probably the best collection of stories regarding whaling adventures ever put together. You be the judge.

ISBN: 9781943022694; 494 total pages; perfect-bound (paperback) binding; 6×9″