The Giant Omnibus of 3,302 Original Daffynitions


Divided into 94 topics.

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This book is not your standard dictionary. It looks at things in peculiar ways, and is meant to be fun. It does, however, provide insight and edification. Appearing in it are 3,302 original daffynitions organized into 94 different categories. Daffynitions themselves are definitions by spin doctors. Original kernels of meaning are kept, but presented in unusual ways. Usually, they are given humorous or satirical twists. But they also can be vivid and metaphorical. Always, however, they are presented in two part formats: the set-up (the term, phrase, or sentence to be defined) followed by the definition (or, punch line) itself. 6×9”, softcover. (209 pp; 97819430022199) $17.95