The Giant Book of Classic Civil War Stories


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Our anthology about America’s Civil War consists of twenty-nine stories–one of which is divided into three parts. Their arrangement is chronological. There are three sections: the Causes, the War, and the Aftermath. There are 2 1/3 stories in the first section, 21 1/3 stories in the second, and 5 1/3 in the third. All and all, the time period they cover is about ninety years: from 1820 to 1908. Our criteria for inclusion were that there should be some balance between Northern and Southern points of view; that the stories should be well written and deal, wherever possible, with important events, or at least present credible views of life during those times. However, being works of fiction, people who never existed, and events that never happened often appear. Finally, whenever possible, we sought stories that most readers would find unfamiliar. Indeed, they constitute about one-third of our book. In addition, we have included a 12-thousand-word Introduction, providing a mini-history of the Civil War and a 2-thousand-word Afterward discussing the War’s participants, major causes of death, and the casualty statistics for each battle covered in the introduction. Furthermore, separately and collectively, the editors of this book have produced more than 265 books. Their prior Civil War books were CIVIL WAR WOMEN (1988), CIVIL WAR GHOSTS (1991), THE FANTASTIC CIVIL WAR (1991), CONFEDERATE BATTLE STORIES (1992), A DISTANT WAR COMES HOME: MAINE IN THE CIVIL WAR ERA (1996), CIVIL WAR WOMEN II (1997), THE WOMEN’S WAR IN THE SOUTH: RECOLLECTIONS AND REFLECTIONS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR (1999), THE PRICE OF FREEDOM: SLAVERY AND THE CIVIL WAR, VOLUME 1, THE DEMISE OF SLAVERY (2000). THE PRICE OF FREEDOM: VOLUME 2, THE PRESERVATION OF LIBERTY: SLAVERY AND THE CIVIL WAR (2000) [Most of the work on these last two volumes was done by a Black woman university historian who requested NOT to have her name on the book for fear of academic retribution.  6×9″, perfect bound binding, 540 total pages, ISBN: 9781943022717