The Giant Book of Classic Cat Stories


24 Tales of our favorite feline adventures.



This anthology contains twenty-four cat stories, divided into three equal sections. They are: domestic cats, big cats, and magical cats. Until now, big cats have never appeared in cat anthologies. So the stories about eight different types of big cat: the African wild cat, the bobcat, the jaguar, the leopard, the lion, the lynx, the panther, and the tiger should be a reader’s treat.      The authors included are famous (Balzac, Kipling, London, Nesbit, Perrault, and Saki) and obscure (Callaghan, Phillips, and Powell). But all of their stories are, in our opinion, excellent. Of course, other fictional cat anthologies have been done. But only seven of the stories appearing in our anthology appear in any of the others. The highest number of overlaps is three. And, on the other hand, over seventy-percent of our stories (seventeen) make their first cat anthology appearances here. Indeed, several of our stories, so far as we have been able to determine, have never even been reprinted before. 6×9 in., softcover. (323 pp; 9781935573968) $16.95

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