The Giant Book of Classic Bird Stories




The Giant Book of Classic Bird Stories is the result of months of searching anthologies, collections, and magazines for the best bird stories that we could find. Each of its twenty-one short stories features a different type of bird from the Albatross to Nightingale to Ostrich to Whistling Swan. Its eleven authors include Samuel Hopkins Adams, Sarah Orne Jewett, F. St. Mars, Sir Charles G.D. Roberts, and Ernest Thompson Seton. Unless you happen to be a bibliophile, your chances of having read more than a couple of these stories are extremely low. Though the stories are quite good, they are also, for the most part, neglected and obscure. So heat your cocoa or your tea, snuggle down in your comfortable chair, and turn the page. 6×9 in., softcover. (210 pp; 9781943022038) $12.95

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