SWAIN, the Viking, Book 2


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“Swain Olaf’s son, who was often known as Asleif’s son, was a very real person in the Orkney Islands during the middle of the twelfth century. He actually performed many of the deeds here set forth, and others quite as extraordinary. And incredible as it may seem, the Orkneyinga Saga credits Witch Frakork with having caused the death of Jarl Herald, Harkon’s son, with a poisoned shirt she had intended for his brother Paul. She and her grandson Olvir Rosta, Jarl Paul, Jarl Harald Maddad’s son, Jarl Rognvald, Jarl Erlend, and almost every character, however trivial, in this story, fought and struggled, schemed and plotted, very much as I have described, in this dim twilight era when Christianity had not quite supplanted to old gods, and Northern Scotland and the islands beyond were more Norse than Scotland as independent of any crown as distant Iceland because of the divided sovereignty that exerted a precarious authority over them.” (From the opening pages of Swain’s Saga, by Arthur D. Howden Smith, first written in 1923 and published in 1931. This Swain’s Saga only covers the first five novelettes of the Swain series [Swain’s Stone through Swain Jarl-maker]).
Arthur D. Howden Smith

It should also be noted here that there were a total of eighteen Swain, the Viking stories. This book comprises the second six of these stories.

ISBN: 9781943022502, 6 x 9″, paper cover, 428 pages