Survive or Die


21 ultimate adventures! Including stories from Edgar Allen Poe, Jack London, Saki, William Mudford, Morgan Robertson, W. C. Morrow and more.

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This collection of 21 ultimate adventure stories, each written in the 19 and early 20th centuries, bring forth in one collection some of the most recognized authors of their time, and ours still, such as Jack London (To Build a Fire), William Mudford (The Iron Shroud), Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward (The Chief Operator), Robert Sheckley (The Status Civilization), and Peter B. Kyne (The Three Godfathers), to name just a few. Predominately, these stories center around the man versus beast, or man versus nature categories, with just a touch of science fiction mixed in, and a few others may be entertained as well. For the beginning of your next great adventure, just turn the page. 6 x 9, softcover. (432 pp; 9781935573678) $19.95