Screamingly Funny: 27 Comedic Gems


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Fortunately, most of the thousands of short stories I have read over the past 70 years I can remember, including the humorous ones in particular. Indeed, after thinking up the Screamingly Funny title, Kathy and I only took about three weeks to put together this collection of 27 very funny stories (winnowed  down from more than 60 candidates). They range  in age from 1868 to 1961 with most coming from popular literature’s golden age: from 1890 to 1960. They come from a variety of sources. 20 were published in 16 different  magazines: from the colossus of The Saturday Evening Post to Britain’s Captain: a Magazine for Boys and “Old Boys”. In addition, those 6 stories for which  no magazine  publication  has been found all come from different collections or anthologies. There are 21 different authors. Some, such as  Philip K. Dick, 0.  Henry, Booth Tarkington, Mark   Twain, and P. G. Wodehouse are famous. Some, such as Robert Barr, Ellis Parker Butler, Owen Johnson, and Henry Wallace Phillips, have been generally forgotten. And some, such as Stanley Foss Bartlett, George A. Cleveland, C. B. Dignam, and James Stamers are very obscure. There are a variety of themes, including boys, bureaucracies, congressmen, courtships, dogs, hoaxes, inventions, liars, meetings, mad scientists, prep school life, Satan, and writing. We hope that at the very least you get a few laughs!