Rivals of H. G. Wells, Vol. 1 (Short Stories and Novelettes)


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Of the twenty-five science-fiction short stories and novelettes in our book, twelve do not appear in any of the competitors [works], and another 5 appear in only one. In fact, many of our selections, though excellent stories, will be unfamiliar to most science fiction fans.

So, what do our stories cover? Here is a list: a possible alien invasion, an alien space ship, artificial intelligence, an automated society, cults, devolution, the effects of increasing intelligence, the end of the world, genetic breeding, how inventions can transform life, humanoid amphibians, the  impact of mutations,  the impact of  universal wealth, intelligent insects, invisibility, memory transfer, precognition, prehistory, the purpose of science, a surviving prehistoric monster, teaching animals language, telepathy, television, time in reverse, a transforming  disease, undiscovered  monsters,  and the ultimate result of compound  interest.

Finally, since doing anthologies is just a hobby for us, and not our primary source of income, we could afford to spend a lot of time on the book. And we did. We hope you like the results.