Ride to Glory


24 stories of bravery, gallantry, ingenuity, and the spirit of the American western soldier.

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Many cavalry stories have been written and films made about the period from 1860 to 1915. We believe one overlooked reason why is that cavalry, though around for a couple thousands of years, reached its apex then (until rendered obsolete by World War One’s technology). To best portray what happened, the twenty-three fictional stories in our book have been arranged in a chronological fashion. They have been selected as the richest, most interesting, and well written of the more than a hundred and fifty candidates that we found by plowing through old magazines, collections, and anthologies. Many of their authors were cavalry veterans from, or at least people who lived through, the western Indian wars. You will encounter a variety of themes. And a good many of these stories do not seem to have been reprinted, or at least anthologized, before. So they should provide a fresh reading experience. We hope you like them. 6×9, softcover. (371 pp; 9781943022076) $20.95