Mass. Hallucinations


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What you hold in your hands is our final product regarding Massachusetts horror stories. It exceeds three hundred pages. It contains nineteen good and entertaining stories. Indeed, one selection even appeared in the Best Short Stories of the Year series. They span more than 100 years, come from 13 different sources, and offer, we think, an eclectic mix of themes and styles. While some stories are well known (“The Devil and Tom Walker,” “The Midnight Voyage of the Seagull,” “The Rival Ghosts,” The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and “Young Goodman Brown”), many, though memorable, are much less familiar (“The Haunted Ship,” “It All Came True in the Woods,” “Out of the Long Ago,” “Out of the Storm,” “The Tuberose”, and “The Wind Harp.” And while some authors are well known (Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Charles Boardman Hawes, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Seabury Quinn, and H. P. Lovecraft), a number are relatively obscure (Arlo Bates, Anna M. Carter, and, Hawser Martingale). All stories contain experiences (seen by some, at least) as weird or supernatural. And every one takes place in Massachusetts or features Massachusetts’ people. As to why some protagonists in this book think they might be hallucinating (cue the cover),—just consider—, should you encounter aliens, bizarre plants, charms, curses, the devil, giants, ghosts, mad scientists, mutations, psychic visions, werewolves, and witches, you might think so too.

ISBN: 9781943022250, 6 x 9″, paper cover, 336 pages