Making Tracks


23 classic railroad stories.

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In this anthology of 23 train stories there is mystery and crime (Consider the Lizard, The Girl in the Pink Hat, and Miss Hinch), as well as drama and adventure (The Night Run of the ‘Overland’, The Spider Water, and Turkey Red). There is romance (In the Vestibule Limited, Jim Wainright’s Kid, and The Secret Red Lights), and there is humor (The Invalid’s Story, Pigs is Pigs, and The Triumph of Hiram Perkins). Stories take place all over the United States, but three are also set in Europe (Starting The Train, The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, and The Schartz-Metterklume Method). Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, O. Henry, Saki, and Mark Twain are included, but so are George A. Cleveland, Eugene K. Jones, Edmund Mitchell, and Maurice Thompson. And while several of our selections are well known, several others do not appear to have been reprinted and/or anthologized. 6×9”, softcover. (396 pp; 9781935573722) $18.95