Making Tracks Revised Edition


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Three modes of transportation have had a great influence on modernizing the world. They are ships, planes, and trains. All have helped shift populations, bind nations together, and shrink planet earth. In this book, our four goals, other than finding good stories, have been to produce a balanced anthology, to minimize material from the cited train anthologies above, to give you some sense of what early railroads, and working in them, was like, and to illustrate some of the ways in which they transformed an agricultural county and world into a modern one. While the majority of our selections have resulted from prior knowledge and magazine searches, we highly recommend Grant Burns, The Railroad in American Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography (2005). It was very helpful. Had he not died, we would have tried to land him as a co-editor.  6×9″, perfect bound binding, 420 total pages, ISBN: 9781943022847