Indian Wars of New England, Vol. II


Originally published in 1910.

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The second of three volumes regarding the Indian Wars of New England, this book is a reprint of this same volume originally published in 1910. The compilation is extraordinary by far, and the reader of Mr. Sylvester’s work is wholly engrossed in wondering just how the European settlers survived. Much history is provided in this volume, nay, all three volumes, of both the settlements of the colonists, and of the Indians and their villages, more so than just the conflicts, but their ways of life, and how they were won, and lost. The reader cannot help but wonder at the destruction of so much at the hands of the Indians, and the treachery of so many of the English. This volume covers: The Land of the Abenake; The French Occupation; King Philip’s War; and St. Castin’s War. This volume is complete with an every-name index. 6×9, softcover. (296 pp; 9781935573128) $16.95