History of Gardiner, Pittston & West Gardiner, Maine


With a sketch of the Kennebec Indians, & New Plymouth Purchase comprising historical matter from 1602-1852, with index.

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A reprint of the 1852 book by J. W. Hanson, covering the history, origin and beginning of the communities of Gardiner, Pittston and West Gardiner, Maine. Chapters included cover such topics as Indian History, the Kennebec Claim, From Settlement to Incorporation, From Incorporation to Separation of Gardiner from Pittston, Sketch of Pittston, Sketch of Gardiner, Sketch of West Gardiner, Ecclesiastical, and miscellaneous subjects such as weather, newspapers, deaths, schools, military, post offices, physicians, attorneys, and a list of vessels built at Gardiner, Pittston and Bowman’s Point are included. A complete every-name index is also included, as is an entire Business Directory of 1852 for Gardiner and Pittston. While the reader needs to keep aware that the information in this book is 160 years old (or older), the information included is still pertinent to the history and heritage of the Gardiner area of Maine. With 6 illustrations, and an enhanced, every-name index is included. 6×9, softcover, illustrated, indexed. (352 pp; 9781935573388) $18.95