Great Tales of Lumberjacks and Woodsmen


Included are 22 short stories of the lumberjacks and woodsmen.

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We had five major goals in picking our twenty-two selections: 1) readability, 2) memorable stories, 3) a balanced variety in themes and approaches, 4) an emphasis on unfamiliar works, and 5) family friendly tales. After searching through anthologies, collections, and old magazines and newspapers for more than five years, we believe we have been successful. Great Tales of Lumberjacks and Woodsmen includes adventure stories, comedic stories, mystery/crime stories, dog stories, romance stories, ghost and horror stories, and even one apparent time travel story. Few stories have been reprinted more than once or twice, and all can be, we believe, appropriately read by anyone thirteen or older. 6×9, softcover. (284 pp; 97819430022045) $16.95