Deadwood Dick, The Series, Vol. I




This volume I of the Deadwood Dick Series is the beginning of several volumes of the work done by Edward L. Hubbard, starting in 1877, and culminating, supposedly, with his death in 1885.

The Beadle’s Half-Dime Library magazine, whose first issue started in 1877 with the very first episode of Deadwood Dick, provides that there were 64 episodes of Deadwood Dick’s adventures, however, it may appear that only 33 episodes were actually printed subsequent to Edward Wheeler’s death. There is also a Deadwood Dick Library magazine which listed Deadwood Dick Jr. adventures, which number in excess of 1,081 episodes, many, if not all, after Edward Wheeler’s death.

This volume in your hands is the beginning of bringing these adventures of Deadwood Dick once again to the public awareness. These are considered to be western romance adventures, some with mystery and thrilling adventure, and not all of them will include Deadwood Dick himself. True history characters, such as Calamity Jane, are portrayed in a number of the adventures.

The first four episodes included in this volume are:

No. 1    Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills.
No. 2    The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick’s Defiance
No. 3    The Buffalo Demon; or, the Border Vultures.
No. 4    Buffalo Ben, the Prince of the Pistol; or Deadwood Dick in Disguise.