Bug Awful


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In this anthology all but one of our stories come from the golden age of magazine fiction – the late 1880s to 1960. (Unfortunately, what the rotary press and pulp paper gave us, TVs, DVDs, video games, and the internet took away.) All but two of our stories come from different sources. They take place from the far past to the far future, and each is written by a different author. Some authors, such as E. F. Benson, Philip Jose Farmer, William Hope Hodgson, Franz Kafka, you are probably familiar with. Others will be new to you. This is intentional. While our highest priorities remain interesting, well-written stories, we also look for authors and works you are not likely to have encountered before. In the three previous anthologies devoted to this subject, for example, 2 have a large number (7) of overlapping stories. On the other hand, we only have 2 stories that overlap. One of our selections appears in both of those anthologies, while the other appears in only 1.

ISBN: 9781943022359, 6 x 9″, paper cover, 336 pages