Before Weird Tales


21 stories from the early 20th century that are filled with intrigue and the mystic, from some of the most recognizable names in literature.



Before Weird Tales: Early 20th Century Horror and Supernatural Classics brings to the reader 21 of the best short stories of horror and the supernatural, old forgotten stories from around the world, by authors who were the best known writers of their day. . . . The authors in this collections include, to name a few: Leonid Andreyev, Franz Kafka, M. R. James, Ellen Glasgow, Morgan Robertson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edward Lucas White, Algernon Blackwood, Irvin S. Cobb, Saki, Peter B. McCord, and Jack London, plus a few others. Please enjoy. 6×9, softcover. (428 pp; 9781935573593) $24.95

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