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Apemen stories have been around forever, well at least as far back as recorded  human  history, and  probably, many millennia before. The first stories were, no doubt, told around community fires, in the days when our ancestors wore furs and hunted with rudimentary weaponry. Their apemen may have been members of a warring or cannibalistic tribe, or perhaps some cousinary cross between man and animal now long extinct, but not quite forgotten. They likely expressed warnings to avoid  the apemen, who killed people and sometimes ate them as well, and carried off women and children. If the apeman existed only as a figment of human imagination, these cautionary tales may have served to insure the progression of mankind, disallowing a regression to something more wild and unpredictable, more dangerous and definitely more primitive. In this anthology, we have collected ten classic apemen tales by great writers, masters of their art, and important pioneers in pre (and post) historic fiction, Indeed, they are the ones who cut the first deep grooves in the primal landscape of the  ultimate humanoid  animal.