African Horrors


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Except for a few crazy cultures and some occasionally over-zealous religions, it is our belief that, about the same percentage of people world-wide, are nice or nasty regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or culture. So, if you are looking for groups that always wear the white hat or the black, you will not find them here. Life is not that simple. Instead, you will encounter a mixture of good and bad Blacks, Arabs, Caucasians, men and women, and Christians, Mohammedans, and pagans often acting in complex ways, and sometimes for mixed purposes. However, our prime purpose in putting together anthologies is to entertain. So, we chose, for our sixteen ultimate selections, strong stories that read well, represent a variety of themes and locations, were produced by a blend of popular and obscure authors, and contain what will undoubtedly be a number of unfamiliar works. Finally, it may seem jarring to include both Joseph Conrad and Edgar Rice Burroughs together, but each of their stories, we believe, say interesting things, are well done, and fit nicely into our framework. Hopefully, you will think the same.  6×9″, perfect bound binding, 444 total pages, ISBN: 9781943022380