A History of Farmington, Franklin County, Maine


From the earliest explorations, 1776-1885.

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A reprint of the 1885 edition by Francis G. Butler, this book brings to the current generations information regarding the hardships, expectations, and triumphs of the settlement of the Sandy River valley. With chapters on the location itself, early explorations and explorers, the first settlers, mills, schools, roads, churches, etc., incorporation of the town, the many floods, the need for military men and organizations, and descriptions of every-day life that our settlers went through, this book is a door-way to the past in Farmington. It is important to remember the present tense of this book was 130 years ago, but the importance of the information contained in it is just as valuable today as it was then. From the descriptions of our early settlers, their religions and character descriptions are also included, as are the erection of Franklin County, and the railroads, the many aspects of building a community is described with vivid details and is worthy of any reader. With 27 illustrations, an enhanced, every-name index, as well as the folded plot-map showing the original 1794 landowners, is included. 6×9, softcover, illustrated, indexed. (696 pp; 9781935573340) $33.95