For Authors

Do you have a manuscript and are considering self-publishing as a possible way to go?

Let Sam Teddy Publishing help you along the way.

Sam Teddy Publishing

Sam Teddy is looking for completed manuscripts, of historical nature, to publish. If you have a manuscript for other than an historical interest, may I recommend you let me see it to determine if it is in the interest of Sam Teddy Publishing.

Sam Teddy Publishing

We are a small company and have a small marketing target. All of our books are published in softcover, perfect bound, most being 6x9" (a few at 5.5x8.5" and 8.5x11", and one at 7x10").

Sam Teddy Publishing
Hourly Rates

Need help in completing your manuscript? We can do that as well. Mr. Linscott offers book editing services, proofreading, research, etc., for an hourly fee.


Note: Please do not send your manuscript without first contacting us. Unsolicited manuscripts may not be returned.
Sam Teddy Publishing does reserve the right to reject any manuscript.