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Sam Teddy Publishing is the end result of over 20 years’ of genealogical and historical research of Jeffrey A. Linscott, an amateur genealogist, historian and author.

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Credits to Mr. Linscott include . . .

1998 reprint of
The May-Flower & Her Log

by Azel Ames (Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, softcover, ISBN 0-7884-1070-9, now out of print)

Ohio Soldiers Who Served
in the War of 1812

(Genealogical Services, West Jordan, UT, hardcover, ISBN 0-89593-999-1)

Both of these volumes are now available from Sam Teddy Publishing.

Mr. Linscott has also self-published over a dozen family histories and has published The Linscott Herald, a Linscott family newsletter, culminating with 23 years in print, and The Whitcomb Wheel, a family newsletter of the Whitcomb family, now in its 16th year.

Jeffrey A. Linscott - Publisher